MOSFED PSA & CNN Freedom Project


1# Philip Paz
// Oklahoma City, Oklahoma United States //

PSA Title: A Cop's Plea

As a Police Officer for 28 years I have dealt with hundreds of these horrible situations. Women, girls, boys sexually abused, prostituted, beaten, shared, kept from their familes. Sometimes we can help. Other times there are tragic endings. My plea is for anyone to call someone and report if you suspect someone is being victimized. Please help save a life.

2# Chandler Hood
// Bedford, United States of America//

PSA Title: Handle With Care

 "A metal box to a wooden one". This experimental style PSA follows a young girl who, with just one bad decision, falls victim to the tragedy of Human Trafficking.

3#  Prince Richard
//  Africa - Accra-Ghana / Nigeria / Togo / Kenya / Tanzania / Zambia//

PSA Title: Sink or Swim The Perilous Journey

 "In their desperate attempt to fulfill their dreams: many have perished. 
1000’s risk their lives as they trek through the Sahara & brave the Mediterranean in a bid to reach Europe, 
Sadly, 80% never make it. Between 2000-2014, 125,000 lives have been lost through Sexual slavery, Drugs, Organ harvesting and “Human Trafficking”. “These Dreams--turn-->Nightmares are not worth it!!

“SINK OR SWIM,”The Perilous Journey is a social advocacy film about Irregular Migration, Sexual exploitation and modern day slavery that is rarely told. It is an attempt to DETER and DISSUADE African youths against “Irregular Migration” which leads to human trafficking. The movie is set mainly in the Sahara with other locations from Ghana, Togo, Burkina & Kenya. Here is he trailer: 

#4 Kelechi Hans-Orji
// Dallas, Texas, USA (shot in US discussing Africa's issues) //

PSA Title: Slavery in Africa

Open a discussion on human slavery and trafficking in Africa. The PSA begins with international musician Kelechi Orji interpreting the issues through his dialogue and display of visuals. "Slavery in Africa. Human life is priceless. Somewhere in Africa a human like you is sold for just a hundred dollars. Slavery took away our people to a foreign land.."

The film was filmed in Texas but reflects an open dialogue on what is happening in Africa: In this 21st century, modern day is slavery, is happening and our leaders are pretending they don't know. Somewhere in Africa somebody selling an African man, somebody selling an African woman, somebody's enslaving an African child. Somewhere in Africa, a woman like you is held against her wishes, sold and taken to a foreign land as a slave. We must stand up and say no to slavery."