Diplomacy and liaison between governments and law enforcement agencies. Often, the lack of communication and cooperation between agencies can be to the detriment of a human trafficking case. When its a case of transnational crime, then this issue is exacerbated. MOSFED’s network of global law enforcement resources, has in the past and still continues to today, to aid in the circumvention of government bureaucracy and law enforcement cooperation.

Providing training for member nations law enforcement on securing the internet from sex traffickers and predators through ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) federal US task force.

Assisting the Safe Surfing Foundation in the "Cop in a box" initiative that enhances the abilities of smaller law enforcement offices to track predators and human traffickers on the internet.
Law Enforcement Agency Assistance Program…(LEAAP)…a giant “leap” in the fight against Internet Predators!


This program will provide assistance for law enforcement agencies to join an Internet Crimes Against Children (I.C.A.C.) regional task force. Qualifying selected agencies will receive sufficient funding and support to provide for the necessary equipment, software, and training for one Internet crime investigator.

More Cops = fewer criminals = safer children!

The goal of the LEAAP grant program is to supplement the thinly stretched budgets of law enforcement agencies in order to allow more agencies to be able to step in and take an active role in initiating Internet sex crime investigations, at the local level.

This assistance will plant the seeds to grow and extend a seamless web of protection for children as they ‘surf the net”.