PSA [ Public Service Announcements]
The Mosaic Federation in collaboration with CNN, presents HEARD PSA EXPOSE on CNN freedom day. 

Deadline March 10th

We encourage film makers and film students around the world to create a one minute PSA about human trafficking in their own country, city, village, exposing the issues of human trafficking in their own environments. A Hollywood board of luminaries that will include Quincy Jones, Joseph Fiennes, Wesley Snipes and Ed Harris will judge submitted PSA's.

Example of winning PSA's of last year’s successful expose.  

CRITERIA to enter psa:

- Duration - 30 to 90 Seconds.
- Explore the issues regarding Human Trafficking in your town, city or country.
- Explore your creativity and film-making potential, however if you’re going for documentary style, we do advise you to be cautious and not to approach real traffickers.

<-- Here is an example of a video. 
To see more - please browse though our
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